About Me

Del lives in Moscow, Idaho in a country setting, surrounded by wheat fields (and a resident moose). By profession, Del is a music educator and performer and is also a writer. After living through an abusive marriage, she began writing about her experiences with the desire to help others who've been through similar circumstances. Her website, Free From Verbal Abuse (click HERE for link) is dedicated to those wanting to learn more about verbal, emotional, and spiritual abuse in a marital situation. She also has a blog (see profile for access) for her students and music educators.

Being the creative sort, Del finds methods of "entertainment" through home improvement projects. It's possible that the artistic nature of being a musician lends toward that creativity. After moving into a home in the country that needed much remodeling, she decided to find an economical means of getting the most for her money. Thus began her quest of thinking "outside the box" for various home remodel projects.